this scenario came into my mind when I was thinking about a scenario

to test the usability of TestProject (https://testproject.io/), an Application for Testautomation.

Of course you can use this scenario for every kind of evaluation, testing, ui-or-whatever-automation.


So what is the TestProject challenge?

[a contribution to the World Standards Day]

Quality standards are designed to ensure companies meet the minimum requirements to become an integral part of almost every industry from food to automotive to healthcare. It’s clear that those standards are here indefinitely.

Some organizations struggle with the concepts of quality standards or they view it as a complex system. But with a little bit of information, help and a clear understanding of why quality standards can benefit them, organizations can learn to embrace quality standards rather than buck against them.


Because a friend of mine started to run an online magazine, I was interested in outsourcing the content writing to content producing business services, to freelancer.

So I started an experiment on the platform fiverr

  • to see what we can get for a low bufget,
  • how long it takes,
  • and what the process is, what we have to provide to the seller.

I followed these steps:

  • clarify achievements for myself
  • do research for possible sellers and delimit to three sellers
  • compare sellers and choose one of them
  • ask seller if he can and want do it
  • place order and requirements
  • review delivery
  • give feedback or decide for a revision
  • write a blog post on my own homepage with the title "I ordered a blog post article on fiverr for $5, and here is what I got" ;-)


So, I ordered a blog post article on fiverr for 5$, and see what I got:


I looked for a provider of web content who had a relation to music in his description.

Website under construction…

Under construction pages – or ‘re-design’ or ‘we’ll be back in two weeks’ or any variation – should never be used on your website. Typically, they’re used when a website is still being built, has been taken down for a re-design or on sections that haven’t quite been finished. We’re not alone in thinking this is bad practice – there are countless designers out there that share our feelings, not to mention the people searching the web and coming across these useless, frustrating and completely valueless pages.


Your website is important

In many cases, your website is the first point of contact for people. If you came across an unfinished website, what would that say to you?

tpMonitor for TestProject Update Beta Release 1.0.1
release date 7.7.2020

Release notes overview:

  • Showing Onboarding Information after app start (as slides) as long as no API key was entered.
  • Added a page with an overview of ALL jobs (over all projects) without have to select the according project before.
  • Added possibility of sorting asc/desc the job overview by datetime of lateset job runs.
  • Showing information messages when no job data is available, instead of blank page.
  • Added loading spinner to page all-jobs-overview for better identification of loading state.
  • Added pull-to-refresh feature to some pages.
  • Added recognition and display of agent state 'recording' to page remote-agents.


Link to Playstore: