Create, Debug and Run automated Test in under 10 Minutes

  • Create an automated Test in 3 Minutes with Recording
  • Debug it in 5 Minutes (and see that recording is not always perfect)
  • Run it, perform a test run which just takes one minute
  • and take a look at the reports to check the validations

the Szenario is

  • Search for an AC/DC t-shirt with the lowest price, for men, size xl, add it to the cart and check if removing from the cart is possible.
  • Check shown price in cart to be 14,99 and check the text of the message when the cart is empty.

the Test covers following User Stories:

  • As a user I want to buy an AC/DC t-shirt, size xl, for men, with the lowest price.
  • As a user I want to check that the price in the cart is 14,99.
  • As a user I want to remove the item from the cart and see a message that the cart is empty.

the Tool: TestProject, a Low Code Testautomation Tool

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