this scenario came into my mind when I was thinking about a scenario

to test the usability of TestProject (https://testproject.io/), an Application for Testautomation.

Of course you can use this scenario for every kind of evaluation, testing, ui-or-whatever-automation.


So what is the TestProject challenge?

  • Automate to play the game 2048
  • Use the game from the given url https://gedankenkraft.com/index.php/2-uncategorised/90-2048?tp
  • Use arrow keys or mouse movements (click&hold) to play
  • Play until Game Over or You Win
  • How long the game did take has to be seen in the report.
  • A Screenshot of the end score has to be seen in the report.
  • The score has to be seen in the report, in the last step.


have fun :-)