this scenario came into my mind when I was thinking about a scenario

to test the usability of TestProject (https://testproject.io/), an Application for Testautomation.

Of course you can use this scenario for every kind of evaluation, testing, ui-or-whatever-automation.


So what is the TestProject challenge?

tpMonitor for TestProject Update Beta Release 1.0.1
release date 7.7.2020

Release notes overview:

  • Showing Onboarding Information after app start (as slides) as long as no API key was entered.
  • Added a page with an overview of ALL jobs (over all projects) without have to select the according project before.
  • Added possibility of sorting asc/desc the job overview by datetime of lateset job runs.
  • Showing information messages when no job data is available, instead of blank page.
  • Added loading spinner to page all-jobs-overview for better identification of loading state.
  • Added pull-to-refresh feature to some pages.
  • Added recognition and display of agent state 'recording' to page remote-agents.


Link to Playstore:



Whenever I went to work by public transport, I wanted to have a tool where I can get a quick overview about my nightly TestProject job runs and a first impression of job results.

Because the website isn’t as responsive on my smartphone in the way I wish it would be, I decided  to develop an android app.


Now I want to provide this app to other TestProject users, too.

Perhaps is someone in the same situation like me.


Create, Debug and Run automated Test in under 10 Minutes

  • Create an automated Test in 3 Minutes with Recording
  • Debug it in 5 Minutes (and see that recording is not always perfect)
  • Run it, perform a test run which just takes one minute
  • and take a look at the reports to check the validations

the Szenario is

  • Search for an AC/DC t-shirt with the lowest price, for men, size xl, add it to the cart and check if removing from the cart is possible.
  • Check shown price in cart to be 14,99 and check the text of the message when the cart is empty.

the Test covers following User Stories:

  • As a user I want to buy an AC/DC t-shirt, size xl, for men, with the lowest price.
  • As a user I want to check that the price in the cart is 14,99.
  • As a user I want to remove the item from the cart and see a message that the cart is empty.

the Tool: TestProject, a Low Code Testautomation Tool

Seit geraumer Zeit leistet mir TestProject gute Dienste in der Testautomatisierung von

  • Smoke-Tests,
  • E2E-Tests
  • und Szenarien-Tests
  • auf Web- und Android-Plattformen.

Aus diesem Anlaß hier nachfolgend einige Eckpunkte zur Applikation.

Bei Interesse am Tool oder zum Thema Testautomatisierung freue ich mich über Nachrichten zum gegenseitigen Meinungsaustausch.

TestProject ist eine
  • kostenlose,
  • Cloud-basierte und 
  • Community-basierte
In Form einer Low-Code Application erleichtert es Testautomation Engineers, ihre Arbeit rasch und effizient mithilfe gängiger Open-Source-Frameworks (z. B. Selenium und Appium) zu erledigen.
Ob als Einzelpersonen oder in Teams - die Förderung einer kollaborativen Community ist die Zukunft der Softwaretests.


Key Benefits: