A thing I noticed quite often, is that due to lack of a cloud-storage-strategy and data hygiene, the costs of cloud storage rises more than necessary.

  • Someone transfers files to the cloud "just temporarily", but leave them till ages.
  • Applications produce unnecessary storage consumtion because of malfunction or test-applications are not deactivated.

Because of that I developed some PRTG custom sensors to monitor consumptions which are relevant to billing.

Dieters Azure Storage Sensor

  • shows 2 Channels (see Screenshot "Gauges" below)
  • shows the sum of storage consumption of a subscription
  • shows the number of meters processed
  • shows details of the processed meters (Table-Space/File-Space/.., resourceGroups, storageAccounts), which  are logged in the EXE result of the sensor (see Screenshot "EXE Result" below)

So changes to the storage consumption can be monitored, and to unexpected high differences can be reacted.
Especially fast raised changes catch somebody's eye immediately.


If Azure Sensors are sensors of your interest - Don't hesitate to contact me.


Screenshot Gauges


Screenshot Settings


Screenshot EXE Results