Because a friend of mine started to run an online magazine, I was interested in outsourcing the content writing to content producing business services, to freelancer.

So I started an experiment on the platform fiverr

  • to see what we can get for a low bufget,
  • how long it takes,
  • and what the process is, what we have to provide to the seller.

I followed these steps:

  • clarify achievements for myself
  • do research for possible sellers and delimit to three sellers
  • compare sellers and choose one of them
  • ask seller if he can and want do it
  • place order and requirements
  • review delivery
  • give feedback or decide for a revision
  • write a blog post on my own homepage with the title "I ordered a blog post article on fiverr for $5, and here is what I got" ;-)


So, I ordered a blog post article on fiverr for 5$, and see what I got:


I looked for a provider of web content who had a relation to music in his description.

And my choice was this one:







Before I placed the order I contacted him if he can do that.





Placing the order ...



answering some questions