Development of a Testtool


Initial situation:

As a user of TestProject I wanted to have a mobile tool where I can get a quick overview about my nightly TestProject job runs and a first impression of job results e.g. whenever I go to work by public transport.

Because the website isn’t as responsive on my smartphone in the way I wish it would be, I decided  to develop an android app.

So I developed such an App! :-)

Because somebody was in the same situation like me - So I provided this app to other TestProject users, too.

Link to tpMonitor in Google Playstore:


Technical details: 

  • Platform:
    Ionic5/Angular9 (HTML, CSS, Typescript)

  • Repo & Build:
    Azure DevOps

  • Distribution:
    Google Play


Blog Posts for further information: 

Initial Version 0.0.1

Version 1.0.1


Publishing history:


Release: tpMonitor 0.0.1

Basic Version, Open Beta

onboarding with API key of your TestProject account

see the states of your TestProject agents

see your scheduled jobs

see the last results of jobs


Release: 1.0.1

Showing Onboarding Information after app start (as slides) as long as no API key was entered.

Added page with an overview of ALL jobs without have to select the according project before.

Added sorting job overview by datetime of lateset job runs.

Showing information messages when no job data is available.

Added loading spinner to all-jobs-overview for better ident of loading state.

Added pull-to-refresh to some pages.

Added recognition of agent state 'recording' to page remote-agents.


Release: 1.0.2

some minor bugfix


Release: 1.0.3

This Version can handle multiple API Keys, so can handle multiple permission sets and multiple subscripions.